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The Team

We asked our team to describe themselves. We wanted to give everyone a voice, and at the same time challenge them with the demanding task of self-portrayal. Here are the results, but we're not to be kept responsible for their accuracy.

Alice, founder, head of design

I’m Alice, creator and founder of portrait52. Since I can remember myself as a self-conscious human being, I've been creating things passionately. Bows and arrows for my brother and me or doll houses and cradles for my sister when we were kids. Poetry and short stories with drawing illustrations as a teenager. Logos and websites as an adult.

At the age of 18 I started teaching, which gave me even more satisfaction than creating. Contributing to a person's growing knowledge gave me a purpose and made me feel valuable. At portrait52 I can combine my creating passion with my urge to teach and inspire growth in people.

Some people want to go home to their families after work. Some people want to advance their careers. Others want to be their own boss. And some want to have an impact.

I am one of those who want to have an impact.

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portrait drawing of chris

Chris, CEO and co-founder

Hi everyone I’m Chris, CO-Founder, and CEO of portrait52.

Everyone who knows me would say I’m an open person - the ones who know me best, wouldn't. I went through a lot of harder times in life, but only they were able to teach me the good side. I'm an optimist! There is nothing you can't reach and that's why only the sky is the limit for me.

I absolutely love music. It's one of my sources of inspiration and my daily companion. Another well of inspiration is nature. If you want to make me happy - take me to a northern country and let me have a cup of tea near the beachside. I would love to go right now.

This text should be all about me, but it's difficult to tell you who i am. Friends would call me the true soul, the one who is always there for them, the weird, lovely, dreamy Chris ... let's go to the beach!

Diana, art director, photographer

I’m the emotional one! Every moment in my life is full of emotions: when I take photos, when I work, I think, I relax, I love, I have a fight… everything is accompanied by strong feelings. It’s because of my Mexican temperament, which I inherited from my mother. I think a lot about life and this world and I try to make a person smile every day.

When I was seven I got my first camera and instantly fell in love with photography. But as it often happens in life, I lost focus about the important things and gave up shooting because I thought I wasn’t good enough. Until my wife gave me a new camera on my thirtiest birthday. Meanwhile I’ve learned that it’s not about being the best, but it’s about leaving your mark.

What else? I’m a music addict, a chocoholic on a journey to find myself, a lover of beautiful things. I try to immortalize people's souls in a photograph.

portrait drawing of diana
portrait drawing of hedwig

Maddie, video editor

Hey hey, I’m Maddie and I’m responsible for the video editing.

I find it easy to get excited about very different things very fast. I spend a lot of my free time with music, film and photography projects. But I never do anything perfectly because I let myself get distracted by new projects quite fast. At the moment I’m fascinated by the eighties, the sound, the clothes, the film history.

I would call myself one of the most patient and relaxed persons, but my friends have also seen the opposite.