We planned our products very carefully. Starting from drawing our portraits and telling their stories, through drawing the designs, choosing our raw material organic cotton, sourcing the textile fabric from Portugal and up to the manufacturing in Germany. Everybody who works on a t-shirt or a face mask benefits from its production.

Which Portrait T-Shirts can you buy?

You can buy t-shirts with the 50 portraits from ourportrait52 blog on our StartNext campaign site.  If you're wondering why there are only 50 portraits: the first and the last portrait are both Caity Lotz. I wanted to show the progress I've made during this year.

We removed portrait No. 34 - J.K. Rowling - from our list, because of her discriminating views toward trans people, views which can be very dangerous, given the author's influence. We hope that J.K. Rowling will change her mind and revoke her views publicly. Other people on our list, like Ellen DeGeneres, Amanda Abbington or Muhammad Ali, have done this in different situations.

Here's a list of our portraits and our portrait designs that will be printed on our products.
Portrait Nr. 1 und 52 - Caity Lotz
Portrait Nr. 2 - Barack Obama
Portrait Nr. 3 - Katharine Hepburn
Portrait Nr. 4 - Bruce Lee
Portrait Nr. 5 - Jeong Kwan
Portrait Nr. 6 - James Joyce
Portrait Nr. 7 - Walter Bonatti
Portrait Nr. 8 - Jane Goodall
Portrait Nr. 9 - Christian Anderl
Portrait Nr. 10 - Gillian Anderson
Portrait Nr. 11 - Roald Dahl
Portrait Nr. 12 - Amamnda Abbington
Portrait Nr. 13 - Chris Martin
Portrait Nr. 14 - Jane Fonda
Portrait Nr. 15 - Nelson Mandela
Portrait Nr. 16 - Amal Clooney
Portrait Nr. 17 - Malala Yousafzai
Portrait Nr. 18 - Steve Jobs
Portrait Nr. 19 - P!nk
Portrait Nr. 20 - Ellen DeGeneres
Portrait Nr. 21 - Chris Do
Portrait Nr. 22 - Greta Thunberg
Portrait Nr. 23 - Leonardo DiCaprio
Portrait Nr. 24 - Michelle Obama
Portrait Nr. 25 - Martin Garrix
Portrait Nr. 26 - Frida Kahlo
Portrait Nr. 27 - Neven Subotic
Portrait Nr. 28 - Marie Forleo
Portrait Nr. 29 - Constantin Brancusi
Portrait Nr. 30 - Martha Graham
Portrait Nr. 31 - Connor Franta
Portrait Nr. 32 - Emma Watson
Portrait Nr. 33 - Michael Patrick Kelly
Portrait Nr. 35 - Boyan Slat
Portrait Nr. 36 - Sarah Connor
Portrait Nr. 37 - Vlad Magdalin
Portrait Nr. 38 - Serena Williams
Portrait Nr. 39 - Tyler Oakley
Portrait Nr. 40 - Katharine Johnson
Portrait Nr. 41 - Martin Luther King Jr.
Portrait Nr. 42 - Alicia Keys
Portrait Nr. 43 - Muhammad Ali
Portrait Nr. 44 - Megan Rapinoe
Portrait Nr. 45 - Tim Cook
Portrait Nr. 46 - Luisa Neubauer
Portrait Nr. 47 - Sadio Mané
Portrait Nr. 48 - Carolin Emcke
Portrait Nr. 49 - Hans-Peter Dürr
Portrait Nr. 50 - Jennifer Beals
Portrait Nr. 51 - Prince Harry

Statement T-Shirts

Our statement t-shirt designs. So you know what you're buying.
Pride t-shirt statements:
pride is no color. pride is every color.
Art t-shirt statements:
art knows no boundries. art doesn't judge.
buy Statement T-Shirt

Shipping after the crowdfunding campaign has ended

We manufacture and ship our products after our StartNext crowdfunding campaign is over. The production of the textile fabric takes several weeks. Therefore our partner Stitch by Stitch will only be able to start production next year. Only the masks and the individual t-shirts can be manufactured and shipped before Christmas.

Shipping costs inside the European Union are included in the crowdfunding priced. For shipping outside the European Union please book the additional "Shipping outside the EU" reward.