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Meet the people who inspired us and may inspire you as well.

After more than two years of work, with the related highs and lows, we've finally reached the point of no return: we start our first crowdfunding campaign on September 21st! This is a sneak peek on our products and what has driven and motivated us to create them.

How it all began

About a year and a half ago I started portrait52 as a drawing project. I planned on drawing one inspiring portrait a week, ultimately leading to a year worth of portraits. I wanted to share with my friends and my family some of the people who have contributed to me becoming the person that I am today.

What started out as a drawing project has turned into a fashion brand with a vision

I co-founded portrait52 with my very good friend and colleague Chris. The people behind the portraits are the main focus of our brand. On our t-shirts we have individuals like Michelle and Barack Obama, Jane Goodall, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Frida Kahlo. Thinkers, environmentalists, artists, people who fight against any kind of discrimination and injustice, and for all life on earth. Our vision is to put them in the foreground to keep the focus on what they fight for.

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What materials do we use?

The fabric we use is sourced from the Portuguese company Tintex Textiles, which is known in the industry for its sustainability practices. It is made of GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and right now it’s the best certification for organic cotton, because it also considers the social aspect of production, not just the environmental one. Tintex Textiles has an environment-driven approach to making fashion and constantly works on developing the manufacturing technology it uses. It also ensures transparency on its entire supply chain.
Stitch by Stitch Näherin

Who sews our t-shirts?

The t-shirts are sewn in Frankfurt by Stitch by Stitch, which is a sewing company that employs women who were forced to flee their home countries because their lives were endangered. Stitch by Stitch gives these women opportunities and a community where they can flourish together and feel safe. If you want to get a better picture of the company’s people and culture, check out their website.

Our crowdfunding products

For the crowdfunding campaign we’ll have three product categories: theme t-shirts, theme masks and portrait t-shirts.
portrait52 Produkte: T-Shirts, Maske

Theme T-Shirts

For the theme t-shirts we have chosen four essential topics to fire up and keep these necessary conversations going: antiracism, pride, environment and art.
Portraits No. 15, 38, 2 and 40: Nelson Mandela, Serena Williams, Barack Obama and Katharine Johnson.
Portraits No. 45, 50, 31 and 44: Tim Cook, Jennifer Beals, Connor Franta and Megan Rapinoe.
Portraits No. 22, 35, 23 and 8: Greta Thunberg, Boyan Slat, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jane Goodall.
Portraits No. 25, 26 30 and 29: Martin Garrix, Frida Kahlo, Martha Graham and Constantin Brancusi.
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Theme Masks

Even if some people might believe the pandemic is over, it’s still very present and we still need to focus on keeping the virus from spreading. What better way than with an important statement no one can ignore?
portrait52 Masken
Portraits No. 24 and 46: Michelle Obama and Muhammad Ali.

Portraits No. 20 and 39: Ellen DeGeneres and Tyler Oakley.

Portraits No. 46 and 49: Luisa Neubauer and Hans-Peter Dürr.

Portraits No. 19 and 13: Pink and Chris Martin.

Portrait T-Shirts

With our portrait no. 52 we’ll come full circle on the 20th of September. During the crowdfunding campaign you can also buy t-shirts with single portraits from our portrait list. These will be printed on demand for each backer and will therefore be more expensive than the theme portraits.
portrait52 Portrait T-Shirts

Limited Packages

We will also offer 2 packages with individual portrait design t-shirts from people that are not on our portrait list. The design process is an extensive one, therefore these packages will be limited. Details to these packages will be available on our crowdfunding platform site starting with September 21st.

We need your support to make this happen!

Menschen mit portrait52 T-Shirts
Support us and become an ambassador for a juster and future-oriented world. Our products can help you start or keep these necessary conversations going.

By supporting us, you also support the production of fair and sustainable fashion with certified organic materials. And you also support the women from Stitch by Stitch, who are working on building a humane existence for themselves. You show what and who you stand for!

Thank you for being part of our crowd!