Wear the clothes that remind you to act on what you believe.

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Meet the people who inspired us and may inspire you as well.


Join the Game Changers and Take Action!

We start with this month's campaign to help protect Australia's wildlife. Join us and get the chance to win one of five cute koala tees.

Kick Off a Year of Inspiration!

We've challenged ourselves to create one portrait every week of famously inspiring people and share with you the story of how they've changed us.

Some of the portraits will make it to a t-shirt.

All can help you take action.

Become part of our portrait52 community and help us launch. Share with us your own story of inspiration and positive change and you may find it on a t-shirt.

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Help Protect Australia'S Wildlife

Australia's wildlife needs all the help it can get. Most people don't even know the extent of the natural catastrophe that killed a billion animals. Many of these animals only exist on the Australian continent. It's going to take many years until the forests are restored and animal populations recover. Some animals are now almost extinct due to the bush fires and may never recover from the losses.

Here's how you can join us and make a contribution to Australia's wildlife:

  1. Donate to one of the following organizations 30 AUD (that's about 18.5 EUR or 20 USD) or more: WIRES, RSPCA, Koala Hospital Port Macquarie, WWF Australia, Wildlife Victoria. These are just suggestions, but feel free to make choose your own organization that helps protecting Australia's wildlife.
  2. Join our newsletter here & give us permission to send you emails regarding this campaign.
  3. Send us an email with your donation receipt to australia@portrait52.com.
  4. (This step is optional, but it would definitely help the cause) Post on social media about your donation using the hashtags #helpaustraliaswildlife and #portrait52foraustralia and raise awareness for the extent of the catastrophe and how people can help.
Thank you for being a part of the solution.
In our weekly blog we tell you stories about how some of the most influential people of our time have helped us develop, change our mindsets or maybe just helped us get through tough times.

Check in for your weekly kick of inspiration, motivation or if you just want to learn something new about the badass true influencers of our changing society.

Portrait No. 52: Caity Lotz

Portrait of The week

portrait52 logo
Zwei junge Männer mit Black Lives Matter und Steve Jobs T-shirt
Teenager lachend mit Barack Obama T-Shirt
Teenager lachend mit Barack Obama T-Shirt
Alice mit Pride Maske und Pride T-Shirt

What we do

We make fashion that reminds us to act on what we believe.

But not just that. We find inspiration in the people around us and give it back to you. Each week for one year we will share one portrait of publicly known people and tell you the story of how they have inspired us and helped us grow.

52 portraits to remind us who we are and what we stand for.
52 possibilities to take conscious steps toward positive change.
52 opportunities to share our growth and inspiration with the people we care about.

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Why we do it

Michelle Obama once tweeted during her Becoming tour: "I want us to share our stories with each other. That’s what we’re missing right now, and I think that people are hungry for that." We couldn't agree more. We want to build a community where we can share our honest, real stories. Not about the glamorously staged lives we live on Facebook and Instagram, but about who's contribution helped us grow and become who we are.
We want to give you the push to make those small, yet significant changes in your life that you have been putting off. We want to help you talk about things like environment, sustainability and women empowerment without people rolling their eyes at you.

There's a revolution of change that has already started and people all over the world are joining. Let's assume
responsibility for our actions, share our achievements and become an important part of this revolution together.

So who inspires you to make a change?

Check out our blog for your weekly kick of inspiration.

Who we are

Foto of Alice, creator and founder of portrait52


Creator and founder of portrait52

Theater sciences graduate. Designer by passion, teacher by instinct and education. A sucker for brilliant story-telling and spot-on design. Seeker of inspiration, life-improver.
foto of chris, co-founder of portrait52


Co-founder of portrait52

A real optimist, organizer and creative-thinker. The nerdy tech boy with the smiling face and a big heart. A good soul.