Potrait No. 1

Caity Lotz

Actress, dancer, martial artist, courageous, smart, beautiful. INSPIRING.

Friday, September 6, 2019
Written by:
Alice, Rosie

I must admit, it was pure lust for entertainment that introduced me to Caity Lotz back in 2017. I had just been promoted at my job and my on-the-side freelancing as a graphic designer was also going quite well. I didn't have to worry much about customer acquisition or any kind of work, so I spent most of my free time as anyone else did: binge-watching YouTube and Netflix. That's how I stumbled across Caity Lotz’s character Sara Lance on the Arrow show.

As an LGBTQ+ person starving for positive media representation (is there any other kind?), I was thrilled to find a strong, multi-faceted kick ass LGBTQ+ character who was portrayed by a gorgeous woman. As is standard procedure in these moments, I immediately followed Caity on Instagram and Twitter, watched all the YouTube videos I could find on her and have been a fan ever since.

Live your life fearlessly

She's a constant learner. Did you know that the fastest flying insects are dragonflies? No? Neither did I until I read her tweet on the topic. They can reach a top speed of 56km/h (or 35mph if you prefer). Maybe this isn't something you find interesting but I love dragonflies and now I know a bit more about these colorful creatures.

She walks through life with a fearlessness even the bravest of leaders would envy. She's not afraid to take on new challenges, even if she doesn't possess all the necessary skills to master the task. She'll learn them along the way. She says what's on her mind, always standing for her beliefs. She acts out of passion and conviction, being aware of her responsibility as a public figure, constantly fighting for more positivity and better representation.

She cares about the environment, but this is kind of a no-brainer.

She co-founded Shethority, which is "an online global collective that provides a positive space for women to discuss and conquer the unique challenges of the female experience in today's world through sharing journeys, challenges, triumphs, and inspirations." (Shethority's "About" page) Make sure to check it out and spread the word about it. We're convinced all humans can benefit from the stories told there.

Are you open to change?

Since we started portrait52, we've been trying to decide who has inspired us so much, that they are worthy to be included on our list. But it all started with this stunning woman and her courage to address all the topics she feels need addressing. Topics others don't necessarily like to talk about, especially so publicly. It's this courage and fearlessness that we hope we'll be able to take on our journey, even when we find it difficult to talk about certain things. portrait52 is about standing for our values and our beliefs. It's about learning and growing and changing our behavior for the better. And, it's about creating a space where we can all talk about these topics together. Caity's fight for change inspired portrait52. We need more positivity in our world to remind all of us that really, truly anything is achievable if you make the jump and try.

So, are you thinking about changing your life for the better? You can start with something small!

Buy a hydro flask and take your tap water with you. Count all those plastic bottles you don't buy anymore. Bring your own coffee tumbler for those milky wake-up-shots you need to start your day. They can be very fancy and you can definitely skip that extra paper sleeve to keep your fingers from burning. Start learning that new skill you’ve always wanted to try.

If you need a hand, we've just started building a whole community. Join us here and on our social media channels, if you haven't already and share the inspiration.